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Eon Solutions UK

Eon Solutions are based in the UK, but operate world-wide, delivering packaged software, bespoke software solutions and software marketing consultancy.

Packaged & Custom Software

We have packaged off-the-shelf software for Windows help and html help authoring, encryption software for business and personal use, and survey and questionnaire systems for surveying, market research, security and risk assessment.

We can customise our off-the-shelf software to suit you individual needs or write complete software systems for delivery on the PC, handhelds or across the Web.

Software Consultancy & Marketing

Our extensive experience in packaging software for the e-commerce market with electronic delivery and online purchasing means we can package and implement your software solutions in a few weeks.

Business Software
packaged solutions
custom software
bespoke development

Software Marketing
electronic packaging
internet promotion
competitor research

Electronic Commerce
secure online selling
web marketing
online penetration

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