Android or Windows 10 Mobile Surveying Solutions

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Android or Window 10 Mobile Surveying Solutions

Android or Window 10 Mobile Surveying Solutions

They are many basic surveying apps out there but they are all pretty trivial apart from the market leading PS Mobile, which is ideal for large-scale data collection projects in the asset and facilities management surveying arena.

You can be producing those much-needed reports for your clients in a timely manner

Building Surveying Templates

Off the shelf and pre-packaged building surveying solutions are ready to deploy in a matter of days.

Furthermore, they can be you can customise the element attributes, and you can try over 30 surveying templates for free from the Android app store or download direct to your Windows PC.

Choose Windows 10 or Android

Electronic data capture using Windows 10 tablets or Android mobile devices are now the only way to carry out effective building surveying solutions for your clients.

Anyone using paper based collection methods or cumbersome use of Excel spreadsheets will lag behind in the competitive tendering for surveying projects and jobs.